Thank you volunteer Friends!  There are many opportunities to help support the Library in our community.

Below is our ever evolving list of volunteer opportunities.  Simply choose an activity, fill out the form, and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

Thank you for your interest in serving your community Library.

Did you know it takes over 500 hours to put together a single book sale!

You can work alone or with others. We have many one off activities or reoccurring items that you might enjoy.

We are always looking for:

  • Amazon Book Researchers
  • Artists
  • Back Door Book Store Clerks
  • Donation Processors
  • Book Fair Associates
  • Book Repair and Conservationists
  • Outreach Associates
  • Workshop Leaders

We have two ways to get plugged into our volunteer system:

1. Sign-up for an activity from the Friends’ microtask list.  The full list and sign-up form are above.

2. Not sure what you want to do, but want to be in touch?  Fill out the general volunteer form below.